Custom Research


With deep roots in consumer and market research, High Yield Insights brings decades of expertise to this dynamic, quickly evolving market. From consumer behavior and product design to market viability, High Yield Insights provides our clients with customized, actionable intelligence sourced from our expansive data sets and our unique fact-based point of view. 

By segmenting reporting and research capabilities into Medical and Recreational verticals, High Yield Insights brings a sophisticated approach to providing clients solutions aligned with the complexities of the cannabis market. 

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Tailored Patient & Consumer Insights

Custom research

  • Isolate unmet patient and consumer needs and pockets of demand

  • Identify opportunities for targeting and activation

  • Define priority custom segments of consumers and patients

In-market intelligence

  • Gain insights on the dispensary experience via mystery shopping

  • Market-specific research and knowledge sharing on competitive activity

  • Collect and analyze data and observations from the field


Strategy & Planning

Opportunity identification and competitive assessment

  • Analyze go-forward marketing strategy relative to current position and visibility

  • Describe consumer-focused perceived brand strengths and challenges

  • Discuss success barriers and opportunity indicators

Product assortment, pricing, and preferences

  • Score patient and consumer preferences by product claims and cross-category switching

  • Construct decision trees and trade-offs

  • Evaluate client business and capabilities against market demand

  • Find opportunities for cross-selling and market basket optimization


Growth & Innovation Consulting

Market entry feasibility

  • Build comprehensive understanding of current and future state in medical and recreational markets

  • Map key industry players and potential competitors

  • Profile high-value customers throughout cannabis supply chain

Market trends and ideation

  • Rank influence of external forces and market dynamics

  • Forecast impact of macrotrends on cannabis industry

  • Breakdown emerging trends relevant to cannabis in consumer goods, retail, and health & wellness markets

  • Conduct B2B interviews for executive insights