Capna Systems: CBD Experts Discuss Their First Year In Business


Q&A with Mike Luce, Co-Founder High Yield Insights

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What went well and what was a struggle?

In developing consumer insights studies, we pay careful attention to how we engage with participants. Recruiting relevant consumers to participate can be challenging to master for any work in cannabis.

That’s especially true for such a booming and dynamic topic like CBD. Fortunately, we had developed substantial expertise crafting consumer insights leading into 2019 and were well prepared to meet the demand for better understandings of the current and potential CBD consumer.

Part of what has proved challenging in sharing out our findings is the prework and positioning.

The B2B audience for actionable data on CBD consumers is wide and varied. We have to pay careful attention to align upfront with our clients.

At times, we invest additional resources to make sure the knowledge framework on cannabis is in place before diving into conversations on CBD specifically.


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