44% of cannabis consumers in legal recreational states identify as medical users seeking pain relief, anti-anxiety & sleep aids


High Yield Insights finds nearly half of medical users check CBD levels to make purchase decisions

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CHICAGO, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Even in states where recreational use has been legalized, nearly half (44 percent) of cannabis consumers self-identify as using cannabis for medical purposes, including for pain relief (69 percent) and sleep assistance (65 percent), and to manage anxiety (54 percent), according to a new report from consumer behavior experts High Yield Insights.

In a first-of-its kind survey of medical cannabis user behaviors and product preferences, High Yield Insights' report found medical users are twice as likely to check CBD levels when they purchase cannabis, with 47 percent verifying CBD concentrations versus 25 percent of recreational users. The Medical Cannabis User report also found that medical users express demand for convenient or discrete cannabis product forms, such as edibles, topicals, oils and tinctures. Notably, medical users are twice as likely as recreational consumers to use topicals (22 percent vs 11 percent) and over three times as likely to use tinctures (17 percent vs 5 percent).

"The industry generally understands that the adult use consumer differs significantly from the medical user. We saw an opportunity to quantify this customer segment's behaviors and preferences in a way to yield deeper understanding and reveal untapped market opportunities," said Mike Luce, cofounder of High Yield Insights and a 15-year veteran in consumer and market research. "Flower will always play a significant role, but medical users are seeking solutions that feel familiar and accessible. With edibles, we're seeing a demand for low-dose, fast-onset options that meet users' needs for discretion and convenience. CBD-focused companies also have an opportunity for growth if aligned with medical cannabis users' interest in what today are niche product forms."

High Yield Insights' report is the first to shed light on micro-level medical industry demographics, product and form preferences. The report provides proprietary intelligence based on exclusive feedback from current medical marijuana users in fully legal states. By limiting results only to current users, the findings best represent the mindset of today's medical cannabis consumer. In addition to preferences on products, strains and forms, High Yield Insights uncovered valuable data on consumers' perspectives on the social impact of legalization and associated changes in usage and behavior.

This report is the second installment of U.S. cannabis consumer analysis from High Yield Insights, following on the heels of its widely received Recreational Cannabis Consumer report. Later this summer, the firm will issue the first true deep dives into key cannabis categories with reports on Edibles, Smoking & Vaping, and Topicals.


Mike Luce