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Edibles Growth Exploding, Attracting The Curious and Bringing Customers Back To Cannabis (full article)

"CHICAGO, July 23, 2018  —        A ground-breaking study on edible and infused cannabis reveals the key drivers in customer purchase decisions for this fast-growing category, with product form – such as gummies, brownies, chocolates or cookies – and the need for high-touch service from dispensary associates as critical to their final decision.

The study, published by cannabis customer experts High Yield Insights, reports that 41 percent of respondents increased edible consumption after cannabis legalization, and it finds parallels between the edibles customer journey and that of shoppers in food and beverage generally: after deciding on a particular form, customers look to flavor and price to determine their purchase. Two-thirds (67%) of edible customers report basing purchase decisions on flavor and price point, in contrast to other cannabis categories in which price plays an overwhelmingly important role."

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Mike Luce