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Original Article By: Mike Adams - July 27, 2019

For those Americans who have been introduced to the legend that is cannabidiol (CBD), they have found themselves smack dab in the middle of a bizarre circus that rivals a Bangkok ping pong show. Only in this performance, one that can be found on nearly every street corner in the nation, there is a bearded hipster in an Arcade Fire t-shirt screaming at the top of his lungs “Get Your CBD Here!”

Yesiree, step inside one of these trend dens of the cannabis-lite movement and prepare to be fed a long-winded spiel about how this non-intoxicating cannabinoid is a miraculous cure-all put here by the gods of the universe to keep all of humanity from succumbing to the despicable sick sent here to obliterate us. Having trouble sleeping? Anxious? Are traditional cancer treatments not working? Having trouble staying dry in the rain? Well, well, well, CBD might be right for you!

It’s no wonder so many folks believe this lone cannabinoid is either modern-day snake oil or the magical spawn of aliens and unicorns. They are on sensory overload with all of the non-stop jibber jabber. The ones that have listened to the sales pitch and said to themselves, “whatever, I’m not buying into the hype” they are well on their way to getting out of this big top of insanity with their dignity still intact.

But these folks are the minority.

More people than not are buying in to the CBD craze. A recent Gallup poll finds that nearly half of the American population believes CBD has medicinal benefits. An impressive 61 percent would like to see it appear on the shelves of their local drug store the same as other health care products, while 33 percent are of the opinion that it should only be doled out with a prescription.

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Mike Luce