Study finds 40% of consumers are cannabidiol-curious


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CHICAGO — Approximately 40% of U.S. consumers age 21 and older said they would try cannabidiol (C.B.D.), according to a study by High Yield Insights, a market research firm focused on the cannabis market.

A compound of cannabis, C.B.D. is used to reduce pain, lower inflammation, tame anxiety and promote sleep. High Yield Insights found those most interested in C.B.D. are 35 years or older (64%), female (56%) and with college experience (79%). For new consumers, key motivators include easier access to products (42%), availability of unbiased research (44%) and a doctor’s recommendation (34%). Potential users indicated interest in chocolates and baked foods formulated with C.B.D. in addition to over-the-counter supplements such as pills and capsules.

Key motivations for trying CBD include easier access to products, availability of unbiased research and a physician's recommendation. Among products potential users might consider, accessible forms such as chocolates and baked goods rank high along with pills and capsules.

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Mike Luce