Whitepaper: The CBD Consumer Experience II, Summer 2019

Whitepaper: The CBD Consumer Experience II, Summer 2019


Welcome to the CBD Consumer Experience, Part Two

Why are we publishing this report?

Consumer experiences with CBD show significant ripple effects into many other areas of life. Consumers are turning to CBD as an alternative or complement to existing therapies and medications. As a result, many are seeking data on CBD and changing consumer preferences regarding conventional medications and lifestyle habits such as alcohol consumption. Our mission is to provide fact-based insights on such issues.

What doesn’t appear in this report?

For sake of space and brevity, the CBD Consumer Experience contains only the key points of our study. We welcome inquiries from readers interested in additional detail.

Where do we go from here?

For readers unfamiliar with Part One, we suggest downloading a complimentary copy at www.highyieldinsights.com. Subsequent reports on the specific impact of adopting CBD will be released throughout 2019.

Who can I speak to with questions?

You can find our contact information below. We would welcome the opportunity to field your questions and comments.

Mike Luce

CEO & Co-Founder


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How was the report created?

The CBD Consumer Experience: Part Two draws from an online national representative (mobile and desktop) survey of U.S. adults aged 21+. The survey was fielded January 14-23, 2019 among 2,000 consumers, 1,500 of whom reported currently using CBD products in the past 3 months, and 500 who reported not using CBD products. Respondents spanned all areas of the US, including adult use states (507), medical states (874), and states without legalized cannabis (619).*

Why is this report free?

In keeping with the High Yield mission statement, the report is intended to contribute to fact-based discussions on the current and future cannabis market and consumer. To maintain objectivity, High Yield Insights did not solicit sponsorship or investment from any outside parties.

Why use online surveys?

By leveraging this methodology, High Yield Insights can provide high-value, reliable data to readers cost-free. Reporting and analytics were conducted using SPSS, R, Q, and Microsoft Office.

Who produced this report?

The High Yield Insights team consists of professionals with a diverse background including consumer insights, survey design and data collection, data science, communications strategy, editorial, and legal expertise. Across all verticals, leadership has 100+ years experience providing solutions to strategic stakeholders in branding, marketing, product design, customer understanding, and analytics. High Yield Insights maintains a presence in the Midwest (Chicago), West Coast (Oakland), and East Coast (New York).