Consumer & Edibles: July 2018

Consumer & Edibles: July 2018

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Click here for sample slides and Table of Contents from the Edibles report.

Feedback from the latest High Yield Insights client: 

The Consumers and Edibles report will give our company an insight into who and why will use the products we will make. This information will be critical to investors, product planning, and marketing strategy. I have not seen a report on edibles this specific yet. Great job High Yield Insights!
— CEO, Cannfections

The Consumer & Edibles study breaks new ground on edibles and infused products by revealing the key drivers in customer purchase decisions for this fast-growing category. The Consumers & Edibles report delivers intelligence on consumer and product trends based on exclusive data gathered from edibles consumers. In addition to preferences on products, flavors, and forms, High Yield Insights uncovered valuable insights on the unique demographics of the edibles consumer.

The findings best represent the mindset of today’s edibles user. By limiting respondents to only those who reported using cannabis in the past three months, the report focuses exclusively on current users.

The sample size for this report is 272 respondents from California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. 

Contents include:

  • Executive Summary

  • Demographics of the Edibles User

  • User Preferences

  • The Edibles Purchase Journey

  • Attitudes Toward Edibles


High Yield Insights supports our client partners by making our team directly accessible for follow-up questions and consultation. In addition to the report, the following can be provided by request as well:

  • Select slides available in PowerPoint upon request

  • Data tables available in Excel upon request