Smoking & Vaping: August 2018

Smoking & Vaping: August 2018

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Understanding the Smoking and Vaping Customers

This report is based on the attitudes, usage behaviors and perspectives of cannabis users. This report contains data gathered from both self-identified recreational and medical users. This report is based on the attitudes, usage behaviors and perspectives of cannabis users who prefer smoking and vaping for their cannabis usage. 

The basis for this report is an online survey fielded by Survata. Survata is an independent market research firm based in San Francisco. Using a propriety survey developed by High Yield Insights, 1,500 cannabis consumers in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Michigan were asked about their usage of cannabis, changes in usage since legalization and attitudes toward cannabis and recreational usage. Please note, in questions where recreational legalization was asked, Michigan respondents were NOT included.

The findings best represent the mindset of today’s smoking and vaping user. By limiting respondents to only those who reported using cannabis in the past three months, the report focuses exclusively on current users.

The sample size for this report is 937 respondents.

For reference, the relevant survey question appears at the footer of each slide.

Contents include:

  • Executive Summary

  • Demographics of the Smoking & Vaping Consumers

  • The Smoking Experience

  • The Vaping Experience


The report provides insights such as:

  • What share of the cannabis-using population prefers smoking or vaping as their singular cannabis forms

  • What are the demographic characteristics of those who prefer smoking and vaping

  • How preferences differ by self-identified recreational and medical users

  • The role of specific strains in the purchase decision

  • Which attributes of the smoking experience are most valued by smokers

  • Awareness of strains in general and consumers’ most preferred strains

  • The role of oil flavor in the vaping purchase decision

  • How the vaping experience differs from the smoking experience

  • How convenience is driving users to vaping from other forms


High Yield Insights provides support to all client partners, including:

  • Follow-on calls with analyst team to discuss ressults

  • Email support for any questions and clarifications regarding report data

  • Scoping additional data mining and proprietary add-on research

  • Select slides available in PowerPoint upon request

  • Data tables available in Excel upon request