The Adult Use Consumer: May 2018

The Adult Use Consumer: May 2018

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Who is the Adult Use Consumer

This report is based on the attitudes, usage behaviors and perspectives of cannabis users. This report contains data gathered from self-identified adult use or “recreational” users. Survey respondents were asked to choose which statement best describes them: 

- I use marijuana/cannabis for medical purposes
- I use marijuana/cannabis for recreational purposes

Both groups were asked the same questions in order to accurately assess each group’s attitudes and behaviors to key cannabis topics and, where appropriate, highlight differences between the two usage groups.
Those who chose “recreational purposes” comprise the basis of this report. We believe this is the best way to take a customer-centric view of those who view cannabis as an adult product for personal enjoyment, social reasons, and other less “medical” applications. The report explores how the distinction between adult use and medical consumers does and does not play out in the data.

Using a propriety survey developed by High Yield Insights, 795 recreational cannabis consumers 21+ years old in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Michigan were asked about their usage of cannabis, changes in usage since legalization and attitudes toward cannabis and recreational usage.

Contents include:

  • Executive Summary

  • Demographics of the Recreational Consumer

  • Occasion-Based Behaviors

  • Product Usage

  • Dispensary Experience

  • Impact of Legalization

  • Consumer Perspectives on Legalization


To focus on current consumers, respondents were screened to only include those who have used marijuana or cannabis products in the past three months and identified themselves as recreational users.

  • Select slides available in PowerPoint upon request

  • Data tables available in Excel upon request