High Yield Insights publishes ground-breaking reports on the attitudes, behaviors, preferences, and needs of the recreational consumer and patient community leveraging exclusive survey panel data gathered from Oregon, Nevada, Washington, California, Colorado, and Michigan.

Each report delivers 80+ slides of research, commentary, and strategic recommendations of value to dispensaries, processors, cultivators, investors, and ancillary service providers. The reports deliver clients detailed data and  opportunities in:

An executive summary of high-impact, actionable strategic insights, followed by drill downs on:

  • Product and format preferences

  • Attitudes on the issues confronting the industry

  • Product usage

  • Preferences and mindsets on the dispensary experience

  • Occasion-based consumption


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A note on terminology:

Data used in our reports draws from consumers who self-identified as using cannabis products for "medical" or "recreational" purposes. We refer to those who use primarily for medical purposes as medical users, as that terminology reflects their driver for usage. The “user” term underscores that some respondents do not have a prescription and are not under medical supervision. Regarding the "recreational" term, we recognize varying viewpoints support alternatives such as "adult use" and "adult access" to describe this driver for usage. For sake of brevity and consistency, we use "recreational".
We use the term cannabis instead of marijuana to align with the prevailing trend in the industry to leave behind the problematic legacy of marijuana and to accurately capture the products being created from the cannabis plant.

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